IMSG at Blists Hill Christmas Weekend 4th Dec

A peek at our dance-out at one of Blists Hill Victorian Town's Christmas-themed weekends. Those who attended had a lovely time dancing, buying gifts from the market stalls and playing tunes in the pub. As we danced we could see realistic looking 'snow' falling and lots of happy faces. We also had the great pleasure of welcoming one of our new musicians, Andy, to his first dance-out and we had a guest appearance from one of the museum's own volunteers and good friend of IMSG - Dave Aberley - who introduced our dances.

Dave taking a rest from introducing the IMSG dancers Im thumb
Buttons, the reindeer,  comes to watch us dancing Im thumb
The mixed dance Derby Assembly Im thumb
The Ironmen and Gilders dancing Derby Assembly Im thumb
Great lines! Im thumb
Two lost musicians, found wandering in search of the pub Im thumb
Who will buy my mistletoe? Im thumb
Performing outside the goods shed at Blists Hill Im thumb
The Trombone gets a festive makeover for Blists Hill Im thumb